Straight from the Kenya Joomla SEO experts -Turning on SEF and SEO in a Joomla Website

Hey here’s some free for all info for all the Joomla users in Kenya from the Kenya Joomla SEO experts on Turning on SEF and SEO in a Joomla Website .I had this problem a while ago and this is how i sorted it out and would like to share it so that other people can benefit

Here is an outline on how to get it done in a short while.

First Make sure your .htacces file has the modifications below.

Edit the htaccess.txt file— For Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs, you will need to edit the htaccess.txt file to turn on the RewriteBase option. In the file, you will find a line that reads #RewriteBase / that you need to change to RewriteBase / then  remove the hush  sign. #

Next, go to your global configuration. Turn on the following by selecting the ‘Yes’ radio button.

Search Engine Friendly URLs                             No         Yes
Use Apache mod_rewrite                                No        Yes
Add suffix to URLs                                          No         Yes

Clear your cache to see your changes having SEF urls.

Now you are good to go ,you can access your website with SEF ready. !!