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Why Mobile responsive websites are the way to go

As the web market grows and becomes more dominant there is need to deliver solid web user experiences to all the markets, both handheld and desktop. Thankfully the advent of responsive web design have given web designers the opportunity to create websites with layouts that respond to virtually any screen size and also looks fantastic despite the devices screen dimensions.

We do not just consider the screen size but also the user experience especially with all the smart phones out there with even greater browsing speeds ,3g and onwards. This will create new opportunities for mobile users to interact directly with content and therefore there will be better

So do you have a blog out there, would you like to have a greater audience for your writing? Or better still do you have an e-commerce site where people make orders online.

We live in a multi-device world, and if you’re still focused on improving your visibility, traffic, and conversions solely for desktop users, you’re already losing a great opportunity.

Mobile responsive design gives your viewers a better web experience than a non-responsive design and this results in having  contented readers … which equals better  engagement, sharing and linking of content which eventually leads to better Seo.

Mbinu Solutions now offers Mobile Responsive Web Design; this enables you to tap into the mobile and other handheld devices market.