How to get Likes on Facebook – Five Sure ways to get likes

How to get likes on Facebook

Everyone wants more and more  likes! As many likes as possible, that is why you are actually reading this post! Why are this likes so important ?

In light of creating sustained traffic to your website you need to have a Facebook fan page and get as many people as possible to like your page. Why ? Because one extra like could mean up to 20 new visits to your website and guess what, some of these visitors are your potential customers and will buy from you. How do you like that ? Huh..

Here are Five ways of Getting more Likes on Your Website

1.Make us of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are very effective at driving traffic to your page and also helping you to achieve more likes on your page. You need to brand your page well to increase the likelihood of people clicking on your Ads and liking your page. Campaigns are easy to set up and start from something less than 10 USD.

2.Post your Company’s Jobs on Facebook

Posting your company job offers could be the next big thing to getting more Facebook fans,this can be a very effective way of getting your page shared across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks out there. With all the unemployment in the country it encourages your fans to share your page with their friends who are seeking for better job offers and others who are at home looking for jobs. This also persuades fans to become return visitors to your page and this means more user engagement and more shares and in the end leads to having a bigger Facebook fan base

3. Share Your Page in Facebook Common Interest Groups

Let’s face it, people generally like places where they feel familiar and safe and where they share interests like in Facebook groups. If for example you share your page of mechanics and in a group that is about car lovers you have a better chance of getting likes because the group users are able to relate to what your page is about.

4. Get facebook like widgets on your website !

Get like buttons and post them on a visible area on your website,this will encourage website visitors to click on the like buttons and like your page .

5.  Encourage visitors on your blog to link to your facebook page and like it

For Example : Kindly visit our Facebook page to stay updated on the latest strategies for success on the Web  don’t forget to hit the like button 🙂