The Panda and the Penguin: Why these creatures should be of interest to a Webmaster

A short story on the Panda and the Penguin

Well, for the old guards in the SEO industry and bloggers out there, this news might have hit your eyeballs and probably ears too sometime back.

I have seen a lot of webmasters out there still working hard on  SEO and have received a couple of mails from webmasters on some newbie’s too to the SEO “thing” asking why their efforts seem to be getting them to the wrong place in terms of search engine rank position.

Let me try and Unearth this two culprits (The Panda and Penguin) who came up as a result of the many updates on the great search engine.

Google Panda (A.K.A the Farmer Update)

Google Panda AlgorithhmLaunch Date: February 2011.

Purpose of the Update:

The main reason why this update was released was to get low content and poor quality websites out of the radar in the rankings on Google and leave websites with rich, useful and sharable content to dominate search.
Because of these changes in ranking algorithms a lot of websites with low quality content saw a nosedive in their search engine rankings. Ever since Panda was initiated, there have been quite a number of updates to it ranging to over 20 of them.

How Panda Works:

The panda could affect your entire website, the algorithm usually will not just affect single pages  but focuses on the website as a whole by checking on the website overall content so if your website has poor little content and non-original content then you are likely to get hit as the penalty will affect the ranking of the entire website.

Panda Recovery Measures:

Write original and human readable content, to be on the safe side stay above the 500 word mark if you can. Desist from copying/plagiarizing content on the web and come up with awesome content which will add value to your readers.

Get rid of all low quality content pages on your website content and keywords. Work more on creating a brand other than having just a website with content, you can do this well through social media networks.

Google Penguin (A.K.A the Over Optimization Penalty)

Google Penguin Algorithhm

Launch Date: April 2012.

Purpose of the Update:

The primary idea behind this update was to come down like a ton of bricks on websites that practiced black hat SEO which breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines .This incorporated reduction of  the search engine rankings of all websites that were seen to practice black-hat SEO methods  like misuse of alternate text for images  , keyword stuffing, duplicate content and cloaking to name a few.

How Penguin Works:

Penguin indisputably focuses on penalizing abnormal links that are causing changes in the search outcomes deliberately .Penguin generally affects one part of the website on a page and keyword level. Penguin usually doesn’t damage the entire site.

Penguin Recovery Measures:

Avoid too much link building, keyword stuffing and content that is merely written for search engines. Do not attempt to buy links however good the offer is and so not think that spamming a million blogs will do your website any good. See that you don’t create too many links that go directly to the homepage of your website too as this will not look natural.