How to tell if your Kenyan SEO company is Genuine

How do you tell if your Kenyan SEO company is Genuine or if you are being ripped off ?

Mr. Ojwang a  business owner in Kenya  gets a website built and, knowing he needs to drive traffic to the site to make it worthwhile,shops for a company to do some search engine optimization.

The bids that he gets vary so much in price it’s like comparing mangoes and passion fruits. One of the biggest differences between the companies bidding for the owner’s business is that the ones with bids ranging from ksh 4,000 per month to ksh 15,000 all which guarantee a page one ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the rest of the search engines in a matter of weeks or worse still days.

The bids that come in at ksh 24,000 per month and above don’t come with any guarantees. Instead of guarantees, these companies give an estimate of hours doing link work, writing content, and doing press releases.

“It’s a process, it can be done, and we’ll do all the necessary work to get you on page one”, goes the pitch. To make things even more confusing, the higher bids are more conservative about how long it will take to get to page one than the cheaper guys.

Prior to starting a project, a responsible Kenyan Internet Marketing company will be able to determine keyword traffic, competition, and whether doing search engine optimization/marketing makes sense for the company.

A viable project may take 120 hours of work to get started and 120 hours of work per month to achieve the desired end result of getting listed on the front page of the search engines. That works out to about ksh.200 per hour for the guys bidding  ksh. 24,000 per month for your project. As the saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true…”