Geo targeted SEO

What is geo targeted seo ?

If for example your business operates within a certain geographic region, say Nairobi, Kenya, then an ideal way of getting found using search engines is to target your Search Engine Optimization by focusing on Nairobi, Kenya.This implies that your keywords are associated with your location and thus you bring in targeted visitors who are searching for your products or services in that area.

For example Mr.Mugambi has a good guest house within Nairobi Metropolitan area, therefore most of the visitors that he is targeting would be guys who live in Nairobi area or are planning to visit the Nairobi Metropolis that would be most beneficial to his business and would be most easy to convert into clients who will buy this services rather than visitors who just searched the phrase “Guest House” from anywhere on the web e.g. Canada, Germany or Asia.

This also matters when doing the Keyword Research, that you come up with keyword phrases targeted for Nairobi visitors e.g.  “Guest house Nairobi” or “Affordable Guest House Nairobi”.

There are many advantages of using targeted SEO strategies and here at Mbinu Solutions we have the SEO Expertise to deal with this.There is little point in targeting the region with the Keywords “Nairobi Guesthouse “ if you don’t actually cover that area with your services, because users will soon realize this and navigate away from your website.‚   Search engines will also work out if you are not what you portray yourself to be, and this will count against you in the results listings, possibly even resulting in penalties.

The main way in which to concentrate on when doing SEO for a Guesthouse in Nairobi would be to use long tail keywords which use names and regions to bring appropriate traffic to your website.

A good example of keywords  could be “Nairobi Guest House” or “Guest House Nairobi Area” because they state the service offered and the area covered, which is a likely search term that someone looking for a place to spend the night in that region may use.

You need to be cautious not to use keywords which are too common as they may be tricky to gain rankings in because they are very competitive.  The key (as with all keywords for SEO) is to find the balance for your keywords so that they are popular search terms but not so popular that your  SEO efforts won’t enable you to rise above your competitors using the same terms.

Creating geographically specific landing pages for your traffic to arrive at through search engines is a good way to make the most of your campaign.That way you can cover several towns, cities or areas through your SEO efforts,having separate pages for example, for Ngong Area, Langata Area,Karen Area etc.

Visitors to your site will see which products or services are available in their area immediately and as they have found your website by searching specifically for what you are offering .Your  SEO campaign is likely to produce good results as they convert from visitors into paying customers.