Logo Design Kenya


Corporate Logo Design Kenya

We are the best choice especially when it comes to corporate logo design in Kenya, that is why you should consult us because let’s face it, your logo will appear on every promotional material that your company will produce starting from your personal business card all the way to your website and the signage at your office.

Your logo needs to make a solid statement about what you do and also create a strong and lasting impression in the memory of the client.

Our Logo design Process

We start by collecting data and getting all the details regarding the logo design as this will help us to understand the client’s goals. Here we will also seek to find out what your company does and what separates your company from the competitors

We then go through a research phase and find out what your competition looks like to get a better feel of what the market is looking for this will help to determine what message the logo will convey and the overall look of the logo design.

We then move to a stage of sketching and coming up with various logo designs on paper which we later implement on a computer using Adobe Illustrator software.

This stage produces a logo design that is scalable and retains consistency and clarity in various sizes from a billboard to a ball pen.

Client feedback is collected through the logo design process and helps in better understanding of the outcomes expected.

After you come into an agreement with us then we give you the final logo design.

Some of our logo design work includes: