Internet marketing in Kenya, Has it been fully embaraced ?

Internet marketing in KenyaInternet marketing is essential for every business with an online presence. This is not restricted to eCommerce businesses only but also includes any business that has a website. There are so many businesses with an online presence, being noticed above the rest needs technique. With online advertisements being posted every day it becomes a case of who is the loudest of them all. Web marketing uses different tools to increase the visibility of businesses by being in the faces of prospective customers in a mild way.

The Adoption of Internet marketing in Kenya

There are several corporates which have gone the whole nine yards; they are using all platforms of internet marketing from using pay-per-click to using social media platforms to using off-page SEO tactics. Telecommunication giant, Safaricom, in tandem with its policy to be an early adopter, was the first company to use web marketing strategies like PPC, digital advertising and social media. To date, it remains to be the biggest force around the digital arena. The other notable companies that have gone full throttle are the two oldest rival media houses; Standard Group and Nation Media House.

The rest of the business community has taken a snail’s pace; however, the same cannot be said of small businesses especially young entrepreneurs. They have all turned to various internet marketing strategies to increase their online presence. This has led to a huge demand for websites and eCommerce stores. This huge demand for web marketing in Kenya has not gone unnoticed. Google recently developed products designed for small and medium enterprises to help them take advantage of online marketing regardless of type of business they run. They are offering free website templates and one year hosting after which they will be charged a small fee for hosting. They are doing this through which is customized for Kenyan companies. While it has been offering this service to the West and East, this is the first time they are doing it in Africa.

Internet marketing in Kenya had been reserved for the corporate world. E-mail marketing was the most used tool to promote products and run campaigns. This has changed over the last couple of years. Companies are using other strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media which has taken the lion’s share of the market. Very few companies are using affiliate marketing save for a few businesses like zetudeals and tuwaze to name a few.

There are a number of digital advertising companies that have shifted gears to include internet marketing to the services they offer. Most of these companies were initially offering digital advertising services or just public relations services. As more and more companies branched out from the traditional branding methods, this left a gap in the advertising industry therefore digital advertising companies seized this opportunity to retain their clients as well as increase their horizons. However, they were not offering quality services.

Slowly but steadily, we have seen SEO companies in Kenya grow in number and in the quality of services they offer. With the dynamism of internet marketing, some companies are still lagging behind or are stuck with the same old strategies of marketing online. The number of companies utilizing the current forms of online marketing is growing at a fast rate. The corporate world is way ahead of the small and medium enterprises but they are catching up pretty fast.

by Morris Gatheru