The Panda and the Penguin: Why these creatures should be of interest to a Webmaster

A short story on the Panda and the Penguin

Well, for the old guards in the SEO industry and bloggers out there, this news might have hit your eyeballs and probably ears too sometime back. [Read more…]

How to get Likes on Facebook – Five Sure ways to get likes

How to get likes on Facebook

Everyone wants more and more  likes! As many likes as possible, that is why you are actually reading this post! Why are this likes so important ?

In light of creating sustained traffic to your website you need to have a Facebook fan page and get as many people as possible to like your page. [Read more…]

Internet marketing in Kenya, Has it been fully embaraced ?

Internet marketing in KenyaInternet marketing is essential for every business with an online presence. This is not restricted to eCommerce businesses only but also includes any business that has a website. There are so many businesses with an online presence, being noticed above the rest needs technique. With online advertisements being posted every day it becomes a case of who is the loudest of them all. [Read more…]

What is SEO ? and how does it help my business in Kenya

What is SEO ?

what_is_seoI like engaging my readers in real life scenarios, before I get into the internet jargon and BIG words so that they don’t get lost somewhere between (“Spamming” and “Cloaking”) and many other technical terms used in the internet.

[Read more…]

Seo Services in Kenya – Choosing the best Service Provider

Seo Services in KenyaChoosing where to get Seo Services in Kenya

Choosing Seo Services in Kenya can be quite a task. Many Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Kenya these days rely heavily on websites to create significance, sales and leads both in the local and global market. [Read more…]